Our Solutions

Our solutions consist of innovative products and services that enable the transformation of operations.

The INVORG team, with years of experience, leverages emerging technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Social Platforms, etc.and industry best practices, methodologies, standards, frameworks and tools to deliver innovative solutions.



In partnership with health, education, community and government organizations, INVORG has designed, developed and implemented innovative and intuitive digital products with integrated digital capabilities to meet our partners’ goals and objectives.

Client-Centered Care Platform (CCCP)

Our Client-Centered Care Platform enables home and community support service organizations to keep their clients at the centre. This platform helps organizations to plan, coordinate and deliver services in collaboration with all stakeholders to provide an enriching client experience. This platform helps the clients achieve optimal health outcomes.

Community Transportation Services Platform (QRyde)

QRyde is a community transportation digital platform that enables organizations to optimize their transportation resources to deliver low-cost transportation services efficiently and effectively leveraging several automated and integrated capabilities. This powerful cloud-based platform is designed and developed by experts with 20 years of experience in transportation services.

Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment Platform (NEEP)

Our Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment Platform consists of integrated digital capabilities to enable newcomers support service organizations to plan, coordinate and deliver services effectively and efficiently. This case management platform optimizes resources in delivering services while providing an enriching experience to newcomers.

Incident and Risk Management (IRMP)

Ineffective, uncoordinated risk management could jeopardize the existence of any organization. This could also impact clients and staff. In some cases, it could even be life and death. Having a Risk and Incident Management Platform enables organizations to capture the incidents and manage them in a proactive and coordinated manner.

Employee Engagement and Empowerment Platform (EEEP)

Employee Engagement and Empowerment Platform keeps the employees’ well-being at the center of the performance review. This platform improves communication, collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders to deliver enriching experience to their clients through automated and integrated capabilities in an efficient and effective manner.

Municipal Management Digital Platform (MuniLogic SE)

MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure and affordable digital platform. It’s designed to enable municipalities, counties and cities of all sizes to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage their operations and growth. The modular design of MuniLogic SE enables small to mid-sized local governments to start small and expand as their needs increase.


Our digital transformation services help organizations innovate their operations and service delivery to provide maximum value for their stakeholders. Our years of experience combined with innovative approaches and tools make their digital transformation journey a success.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is critical for organizations to run, grow and transform efficiently, effectively and economically. Investment in digital must be aligned with organizational goals and objectives to realize higher ROI. We provide digital transformation services to help organizations strategize, implement, manage and measure the impact of investments in digital.

CRM Implementation

Client Relationship Management must be at the heart of every digital transformation. By leveraging innovative approaches, best practices, and our unique E6-Human Experience Engine framework, INVORG helps organizations implement CRM as a business strategy and integrate with the existing digital eco-system if required.

CIO Office Services

Having the right digital leadership is paramount for any organization to leverage its digital investment for achieving its organizational goals and objectives. CIO Office as a Service enables organizations with limited resources or without the right digital leadership to access the skills, knowledge and experience of a group of digital leaders for an affordable investment.

Digital Risk Management

Failing to manage digital risk as a business risk will greatly damage operations, service delivery, organizational assets, financial viability and in some cases, could be life threatening. Digital Risk Management must be continuous and aligned with organizational goals and objectives. We provide strategic, comprehensive, continuous, and affordable digital risk management services.

Custom Software Development

Organizational success depends on having the right digital eco-system optimally implemented, managed and leveraged. Often organizations require custom digital solutions to meet their unique requirements. We help organizations implement innovative custom software solutions leveraging emerging technologies and innovative approaches.

GIS consulting

Geographic Information System is a critical tool for any organization delivering human services. GIS helps these organizations to strategize, plan, design and effectively deliver services. GIS is widely used for services related to emergency planning, land and asset management, utility management, smart city planning etc. We provide various GIS-related services.


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