Simplify Your Healthcare and Community Transportation Services

Help your clients stay active in their community while using your transportation resources efficiently

QRyde is a cloud-based innovative and powerful digital transportation platform which enables health and community transportation service organizations to deliver transportation services efficiently, effectively and economically.

In partnership with QRyde, INVORG brings this innovative digital platform to help organizations in Canada to meet their clients’ transportation needs and to enrich their quality of life.


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Transporting your clients shouldn’t be a bumpy road


Low cost and convenient transportation services to your clients

High level resource optimization brings higher value to your organizations and clients

Cloud based platform enabling access to booking and scheduling from anywhere, anytime using any device

Ability to integrate with other health and community services digital platform eliminates duplication of data entry and increase efficiency, effectiveness and reduce cost.

Modular approach enables organizations to start with lower financial investment and add other capabilities in the future


Flexible booking- Add trips from your staff, a call centre, or a consumer app.

Real-time dispatching – Send driver notifications, track vehicles, and simplify communications

Automated scheduling – On-demand and recurring trips are automated to optimize your routes and schedules.

Centralized management-Coordinate your volunteer schedule, vehicle maintenance, billing, and reporting from a single location.

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