Employee Engagement and Empowerment Platform (EEEP)

Rethink the way you conduct employee performance. Empower your employees, don’t just manage their performance.

Employee Engagement and Empowerment Platform is an innovative and secure digital platform designed and developed in partnership with people who hold the empowerment of their employees in their hearts and minds and leverage performance management as one of the tools to provide an enriching experience for their employees. They believe performance management is a means to an end and not an end in itself.

This cloud-based, fully customizable and configurable platform is designed to meet the unique needs of each and every organization. It is developed on top of an industry-leading Client Relationship Management Platform (CRM), Dynamics 365 from Microsoft. Dynamics 365 is used to leverage the power of CRM to transform the overall experience and allow organizations to focus on their unique business and technology needs.

Let EEEP transform the overall experience of your employees and empower them to fulfill their dreams.


Enables the empowerment of employees and provides them with an enriching experience.

Efficient and effective integrated processes helps save organizations’ time and money.

Paperless system leads to reduced costs and environmental benefits.

Seamless, centralized and integrated data collection and management from end to end, improved security and efficient sharing of information.


Open, Modular and Integrated Architecture

Customizable and configurable performance review forms and processes

Intuitive Design

Easy to Use

Centralized Data Repository

High-Level Security

Integrates with Other Systems

Alignment and optimization of performance processes

Easy and efficient reporting

Case Studies

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