Incident and Risk Management Platform

Enabling organizations to collect and analyze incidents and reduce their risk level.

Ineffective, uncoordinated risk management could jeopardize the existence of any organization. This could also impact clients and staff. In some cases, it could even be life and death. Having a Risk and Incident Management Platform enables organizations to capture the incidents and manage them in a proactive and coordinated manner. This platform is designed and developed with those who manage incident reporting and risk management in their organization.

This platform is developed on top of industry leading Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform, dynamics 365 from Microsoft. This allows organizations to leverage the power of CRM in transforming incident reporting and risk management.

Our platform is ideal for organizations who are involved in human services. Enrich your clients’ experience today!


Incidents can be reported from anywhere, at any time, using any device. This enables the timely collection of information related to incidents from the location of the incident.

The built-in workflow functionality automatically allows incidents to be escalated to the appropriate authorities.

The capturing of all incidents in one central place, enables decision-makers to identify root causes and take measures to prevent the incidents from occurring in the future.

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