INVORG forms a strategic partnership with Carroll Engineering of Pennsylvania, USA

Governments of all levels play a major role in building healthy communities and uplifting individuals, families, and communities by serving, guiding, protecting, providing, and governing. Local governments play an even more critical role in our lives than other levels of government.

Carroll Engineering has been a pioneer in helping local governments of all sizes and types for over four decades. Over the years, they have earned trust and built the reputation of delivering trusted, professional services to local governments in building local infrastructure and transforming local communities.

 Engineers are known for solving problems. Fifteen years ago, Carroll Engineering realized the need for an affordable digital solution to help their clients and others deliver services to their citizens effectively, efficiently, and economically. They developed a digital solution called Munilogic. Munilogic has since been used by many local governments throughout the USA.

 Fast forward to 2019, the era of digital disruption. Digital transformation has become extremely critical for all types and sizes of organizations to run, grow, and transform. Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data, Social Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Autonomous Vehicles are some of the many disruptions fueling organizational transformation, innovation, and disruption. To help their current clients and other small to midsize municipalities withstand these challenges and leverage future opportunities with digital transformation, Carroll Engineering took a visionary approach by forming a strategic partnership with INVORG.

INVORG brings many years of business and digital experience working with government sectors, not-for-profit organizations, and other businesses. We have successfully enabled numerous small to midsize organizations transform their businesses by leveraging innovative digital solutions. We are looking forward to transforming Munilogic into a Citizen-Centric Smart City Platform to help small to midsize municipalities, cities and counties around the world engage constituents, empower employees, optimize operations, reduce costs, and deliver an enriching experience to every citizen.

Carroll Engineering and INVORG are known for innovative thinking, a client-centered approach, delivering results, and above all, uplifting individuals, families, and communities through innovative solutions.

 INVORG’s vision and values align with Carroll Engineering. We are delighted about this partnership and we’re looking forward to serving their current clients and future clients as their trusted digital advisors. Together INVORG is committed to uplifting individuals, families, and communities by leveraging an innovative digital solution.

INVORG was founded with PURPOSE and not just for PROFIT.

Joseph Edward,Founder & Chief Executive Officer @INVORG

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