3 Reasons Not-For-Profit Organizations Should Be On Social Media 

How can social media help not-for-profit organizations reach their goals?


Not-for-profit organizations work very hard to make the world a better place. Their missions and values usually center around helping others and making things better for people in need. So, social media should be a natural fit for them, right? Wrong. For some reason, many not-for-profits shy away from social media, thinking that it’s not for them. But social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for not-for-profits, and one that can help further their missions. Here are 3 reasons why not-for-profit organizations should embrace social media and how it can help empower their organization.

1.Social media can help you reach more people

There are over 3 billion social media users in the world, and that number is only going to grow. That’s a lot of potential donors, volunteers, and supporters that you could be reaching out to! By being active on social media, you can connect with more people and raise awareness for your cause. It also makes it possible to find solutions on a global level instead of a community level.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say there is an organization that works to end human trafficking. They could use social media to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and what people can do to help. They could also use social media to connect with other organizations that are working to end human trafficking around the world. This would allow them to share resources and best practices, and make it easier to find solutions on a global scale. The possibilities are far more endless when you have the world at your fingertips.

2.Social media is a great way to build relationships

One of the best things about social media is that it’s a great way to build relationships. You can connect with people from all over the world and get to know them on a personal level. This is something that is very important for not-for-profits, as building relationships helps them grow and increase awareness and support for their initiative. It can also help them build relationships with the right people.

Here is another example, let’s say there is an organization that helps refugees. They could use social media to connect with refugees and tell their stories. This would help people to understand the situation that refugees are in and why they need help. It would also allow the organization to build relationships with the refugees they are helping and get to know them on a personal level. This is important because it helps to create a connection and understanding between the organization and the people they are trying to help.

3.Social media can help you engage with your audience

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience. You can start conversations, ask questions, and get feedback from the people you are trying to reach. This is extremely valuable for not-for-profits. It gives them the opportunity to conduct market research, learn what people want and need, and figure out how to best serve their audience.

Let’s take a look at one more example. There is an organization that helps victims of domestic violence. They could use social media to start a conversation about domestic violence and why it’s important to get help. They could also ask questions about what people want and need from an organization like theirs. This would give them valuable insights that they can use to improve their services and make sure they are meeting the expectations of the people they are trying to help. Those insights will help them understand if they are offering the right services to the right people and if not, how they can fix that.


Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to further the mission of not-for-profit organizations. There are many reasons why social media is important for not-for-profits, but these are just a few of the most important ones. If you are not already using social media to further your cause, now is the time to start. INVORG offers a variety of digital solutions that can be integrated with social media platforms, making it easier for organizations to manage their profiles and other digital initiatives. To learn more about how INVORG can help your organization with social media and other digital transformation goals, visit us today at www.invorg.com for more information.

About the authors:

Hannah Hillier

Hannah is a professional content creator and writer. After graduation from the Public Relations program at Cambrian College, Hannah has gone on to start a successful freelance writing career. She is passionate about bringing words to life in a way that makes complicated topics more approachable. From website content to full articles, Hannah loves to find ways to communicate with any audience effectively. She currently lives and works in Sudbury Ontario.

Joseph Edward


Joseph founded INVORG focusing on a client-centric service delivery platform for innovating local organizations, not-for-profits, home and community support organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses. Joseph holds a Chief Information Officer Certification from Carnegie Melon University, USA, and from the US General Services Administration. He is an IT veteran with over 20 years of leadership in technology, including four years as CTO for the city of London.

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