MUNILOGIC provides many products and services for small to midsized municipalities

GIS consulting services

Graphical Information Systems are integral for governments to strategize, plan and deliver services and grow in a smart way. As a strategic partner of Esri, we provide a range of GIS consulting services leveraging our internal team and partner resources of Esri.

CRM Implementation Services

According to Gartner, Client Relationship Management platform must be at the heart of every digital transformation. To help governments transform we provide range of CRM consulting services from CRM strategy development to implementation and management.

Custom Software Development Services

No two governments are the same in relation to the demography, geography, needs, challenges etc. To meet the unique challenges and needs of governments we provide variety of digital services including custom software development leveraging emerging technologies and innovative approaches.

Digital Risk Management Services

Digital Transformation comes with its own share of digital risks. Governments failing to recognize digital risks associated with digitization of their operations and service deliveries will face great risks including jeopardizing their existence. We provide strategic, comprehensive, innovative, continuous and affordable digital risk management services.

Virtual CIO Services

According to statistics over 75% of digital projects fail every year costing local governments millions of dollars. Our project management success rate is much higher than the industry norm. We provide project management services for implementing digital solutions leveraging innovative project management approach, years of experience, industry best practices and methodologies.

Digital Transform Services

Digital Infrastructure has moved from 100% on-premise to a hybrid digital infrastructure combing on-premise and cloud technologies. To help governments focus on their core functions we assume responsibility for managing their digital infrastructure and provide near zero down time.

We strive to provide the best support in the industry!

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