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Invorg provides many products and services for small to midsized municipalities


Change the way you work with your constituents, employees, and other stake holders one module at a time. MUNILOGIC SE is a GIS map based innovative, comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform designed and developed to enable small to mid-sized counties, municipalities, cities, and townships (Local governments) to strategize, plan, execute and manage operations and growth. Information is shared between modules to help you make better decisions and deliver better services. It is configurable and customizable to meet the unique needs of every local governments.


CEP is true digital engagement platform enable and empower constituents to engage with their local governments and enable you to engage with your constituents from anywhere, anytime using any device. This platform enables you to collect, store, manage, share, analyze and repot data in a centralized and secure manner. This helps to make better decisions and to improve your constituents experience.

Client Centered Care Platform

MUNILOGIC Incidents and Risks Management Platform is an innovative and secure platform that enables organizations to collect incidents from anywhere, anytime using any device and escalate the incidents to the appropriate personnel when necessary. This enables managing and analyzing the incidents from a single repository to identify the root causes of the incidents. This prevents and/or reduces the incidents happening in the future and protect your government from major risks.

Incident and Risk Management Platform

Settlement agencies are expected to deliver excellent service at a fraction of the cost to newcomers. In today’s world, this is becoming increasingly challenging and settlement services are finding themselves stretched to the limits. The answer is digital transformation. Our platform is designed to give Newcomers a seamless experience of getting services in their new country.

Newcomers Engagement and Empowerment platform

Our Home and Community Services Platform is an innovative digital platform that enables home and community-based organizations seamlessly deliver appropriate services to their clients and caregivers. The platform brings multiple organizations together to work as one virtual organization. This seamlessly integrates people, processes, data, and technology service monitoring and reporting.


With partnership with Qryde we provide a digital platform for communities to deliver efficient, effective and economical transportation services to constituents. We seamlessly integrate transportation platform with our Home and Community services platform and the Newcomers Settlement Services Platform.

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