MuniLogic SE

The smart way to manage your local government.

MuniLogic SE is an innovative, comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform designed and developed to enable small to mid-sized counties, municipalities, cities, and townships (local governments) to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage operations, growth, and transformation. This Government Management Software is designed and developed by leveraging local government domain expertise from our local government partners, industry experts, and digital solution experts, including Carroll Engineering, INVORG, Esri, and Microsoft

MuniLogic SE is an open architecture digital platform constructed leveraging industry best practices, tools and technology. MuniLogic SE consists of integrated digital capabilities for managing properties, licenses, permits, codes, zoning, sub development, roadway, water, storm, sewage, work schedules, constituent engagement, and more. The modular approach of MuniLogic SE enables small to mid-sized local governments to start small and expand as their needs increase or change.  Information is shared between modules to maintain data accuracy and quality to enable timely and informed decisions. It is configurable and customizable to meet the unique needs of individual local governments.

Let MuniLogic SE transform the way you manage your local government.


  1. Improve constituent engagement and enrich the quality of life for constituents.

  2. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and service delivery.
  3. Optimize and automate operational and service-related functions and processes.

  4. Improve the quality and timeliness of decision making.

  5. Reduce the cost of operations and service delivery.

  6. Improve strategy making, planning, executing and managing operations and growth.

  7. Meet organizational digital needs for an affordable investment.

  8. Improve interdepartmental coordination and regulatory compliance initiatives.

  9. Improve compliance with regulatory guidelines and standards.

  10. Optimize assets life cycle management and investment resulting in risk prevention and savings of millions of dollars.

Open, modular, and integrated architecture

Intuitive design

Easy to use

Robust GIS capabilities

Centralized data repository

High-level security

Seamless integration with other systems

Easy access to insight about an organization’s assets and operational and service key performance indicators

Alignment and optimization of work processes

Easy and efficient reporting

Streamlining schedules and communication


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