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Needs Assessment

There are times when an organization needs an outside professional perspective on their current operations. An objective approach can sometimes lead to ideas on how to increase efficiency and/or eliminate redundancies. MuniLogic representatives are well versed in performing needs assessment services. This assessment of your existing operations will help us to gain an understanding of how things operate and allow us to provide recommendations on using technology to improve your overall operations.

Often a needs assessment can identify data that is being managed in two different departments; creating redundancy and unsynchronized data sets. In addition, it can identify multiple fragmented software programs that cannot communicate and share data. This often leads to the elimination of one or more software programs; ultimately saving an organization money in annual maintenance fees.


Needs Assessment Services

A needs assessment includes interviewing various department personnel, inventorying hardware and software, evaluating current business processes and then making recommendations on how data can be better managed, what new data needs to be produced, and what process changes are necessary to solve current inefficiencies.

A typical needs assessment may include:

Existing Hardware Inventory

Existing Software Inventory

Department Assessments


Existing Data Analysis


Business Process Analysis

Mapping Data Integration

Other Data (Textual/Documents) Integration


Hardware/Software Requirements


Feature Requirements / Recommendations

Proposed System Design

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