i Risk Management

Enables organizations to collect and analyze incidents and reduces their risk level.

i Risks Management is an innovative, intuitive, comprehensive, centralized and secure incidents and risk management platform which enable the employees to report work place incidents real time from anywhere, any time and using any device. This platform enables governments to collect, store, manage, and analyze the incident data to find out the root causes of the incidents and to take the necessary measures to prevent or reduce these incidents happening in the future. This platform enables small to mid-sized local governments to leverage the digital capabilities of an industry leading CRM platform to manage their incidents and reduce their risk profile to save millions of dollars and in some instances save lives.

Digital Capabilities


Enables the timely collection of information related to incidents from the location of the incident

Improve the quality and timeliness of decision making

Improve compliance with regulatory guidelines and standards

Reduce risks and in some cases save lives

Reduce cost of operations and save millions of dollars

Improve incident and risk management planning and execution

Prevent organizations from legal challenges and save hundreds and thousands of dollars


Incidents can be reported real time from anywhere, any time, using any device

Escalate incidents seamlessly to the right person

Automatically allows incidents to be escalated to the appropriate authorities

Collaborate with others in managing and reporting the incidents

Categorize the risk level by risk level and urgency

Real time dashboards provide real time and accurate information about incidents

Intuitive and easy to use

Centralized Data Repository with high level security

Integrate with other systems to enable seamless data exchange

Easy and efficient reporting

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