i Engagement

Enable and empower your constituents to engage from anywhere, anytime using any device.

i Engagement is an innovative, intuitive, comprehensive, modern, and secure constituents’ engagement digital platform, which enables the constituents and the governments to engage to improve your constituents experience. This platform enables governments to collect, store, manage, analyze and share data in a centralized and secure manner. This helps to make better decisions and to improve the quality of life for all. This platform enables small to mid-sized local governments to leverage the digital capabilities of an industry leading CRM platform for an affordable monthly investment.

Digital Capabilities


Helps to engage the constituents and make them feel as a part of the decision making

Ability to share information with constituents more effectively in a timely manner

Improve service and enrich the quality of life for constituents

Improve the quality and timeliness of decision making

Improve strategy making, planning, executing and managing operations and growth

Connect efficiently with your constituents from anywhere, anytime, using any device

Smart asset management resulting in risks prevention and savings of millions of dollars

Improve coordination of services resulting in high level constituent experience and reduction of cost

Helps to proactively plan and meet constituent needs


Make service request, Report problems and issues from anywhere, anytime

Send notifications real time to your constituents

Analyze issues, problems and identify the root causes to improve service quality

Coordinate service delivery by location or type

Integrated with Google map and Esri ArcGIS online

Allow constituents to customize their profile to receive relevant communications in a timely manner

Open platform and centralized data repository

Integrate with other systems to enable seamless integration of data between systems

High level security

Intuitive dash boards provide real time and accurate information about problems, issues and service requests

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