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MuniLogic is a leader in providing innovative digital solutions to assist cities,
municipalities, townships, and counties in achieving their digital transformation objectives.

MuniLogic SE

There are 1000s of plug and play modules.

MuniLogic SE is a innovative, comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform designed and developed to enable small to mid-sized counties, municipalities, cities, and townships (Local governments) to strategize, plan, design, execute and manage operations, growth and transformation. MuniLogic SE is designed and developed by leveraging local government domain expertise from our local government partners, industry experts and digital solutions experts including Carroll Engineering, INVORG, Esri, Microsoft etc.

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Our Most Common Modules

MuniLogic SE is an open architecture digital platform constructed leveraging industry best practices, tools and technology. MuniLogic SE consists of integrated digital capabilities for managing properties, licenses, permits, codes, zoning, sub development, roadway, water, storm, sewage, work schedules, constituent engagement etc. The modular approach of MuniLogic SE enables small to mid-sized local governments to start small and expand as their needs increase. Information is shared between modules to maintain data accuracy and quality to enable timely and informed decisions. It is configurable and customizable to meet the unique needs of individual local governments.


Create a comprehensive history of all code violations for a better perspective on current challenges and identification of recurring problems. This will also improve customer service by providing instant status of a violation and automatic notifications when cases are closed.
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Manage permit and inspection activity including plans, fees, inspection records, and scheduling field staff.
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Keep an inventory of your entire water infrastructure and manage inspection and maintenance
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Keep an inventory of your entire sanitary infrastructure and manage inspection and maintenance.
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Why Munilogic ?

MuniLogic is one of the few elite digital solutions development, implementation, and management firms dedicated to serving the needs of small to mid-size cities, municipalities, counties, and townships. Our clients have chosen to work with us and stay with us because we have deep experience in government IT solutions and we deliver products that produce results.

Purpose Driven

We are passionate about uplifting communities through innovative digital solutions

Fair Pricing

We ensure all governments regardless of their financial means participate in the digital transformation

Trusted Advice

Through our knowledge and experience we have earned the trust of our clients as their partners in transformation

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Products & Services

Set up your virtual clinic app accessible anytime, anywhere


i Engagement is a digital engagement platform enabling governments to engage with and serve constituents from anywhere, anytime using any device. This improves service timeliness, quality, constituents’ experience and reduces cost of delivering the service.

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iRisk Management

i Risk Management is an innovative and secure platform that enables the reporting of incidents from anywhere, anytime, using any device. Centralized management of incidents helps to analyze and identify the root causes to reduce or eliminate future incidents.

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Custom Software Development

To meet the unique challenges, opportunities and needs of individual governments, we provide innovative digital solutions including custom software development utilizing emerging technologies and innovative

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Digital Risk Management Consulting

Digital risk is a business risk. Failure to manage digital risk will greatly damage operations, service delivery, constituents well being, and financial viability. We provide strategic, comprehensive, continuous, and affordable digital risk management services.

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GIS Consulting

Graphical Information Systems are integral for governments to strategize, plan, design, and deliver services. As a strategic partner of Esri, we provide a range of GIS consulting services leveraging our internal team and the partner resources of

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Digital Transformationn Consulting

From strategy to implementation, our team of digital transformation specialists utilize their experience to transform your digital ecosystem, leveraging industry best practices along with current and emerging technologies such as cloud, mobility, AI, and big data.

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