MuniLogic CE

Comprehensive Digital Platform to Streamline your
Local Government Management

MuniLogic CE is a comprehensive, secure, and affordable digital platform designed for small to mid-sized municipalities. It leverages local government expertise to manage various aspects of government operations, services, and assets. Modular and open designs consist of many modules including licenses, permits, property, codes, and more. With a modular approach, MuniLogic CE allows local governments to start small and expand as their needs increase.  

Open architecture and intuitive design allow local governments to customize and configure this platform to meet their unique process and data needs to streamline their operations to be efficient, effective, and economical. With robust reporting and analytics tools and state-of-the-art GIS mapping capabilities, MuniLogic CE enables local governments to make data-driven decisions and transform services to constituents. Choose MuniLogicCE today to optimize your resources and improve your government operations. 


Improve constituent engagement and enrich the quality of life for constituents

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and service delivery

Optimize and automate operational and service related functions and processes

Improve the quality and timeliness of decision making

Reduce the cost of operations and service delivery

Improve strategy making, planning, executing and managing operations and growth

Meet organizational digital needs for a very affordable investment

Improve interdepartmental coordination and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Improve compliance with regulatory guidelines and standards

Optimize assets life cycle management and investment resulting in risks prevention and savings of millions of dollars


Open, modular and integrated architecture

Intuitive design

Easy to use

Robust GIS capabilities

Centralized data repository

High-level security

Integrates with other systems

Easy access to insight into an organization’s assets, operational and service key performance indicators

Alignment and optimization of work processes

Easy and efficient reporting

Streamlining schedules and communication

Enterprise Integration

To meet the goals and objectives of local governments, digital transformation is very critical. It requires digital platforms and solutions based on various technologies from multiple technology partners and vendors. MUNILOGIC SE could be integrated based on the unique needs of individual governments.

Cloud and Mobile Integration

MuniLogic SE leverages mobile technology, cloud digital infrastructure and several other innovative digital solutions to provide a robust, innovate and secure digital eco system for organization to conduct their business activities from anywhere, anytime, using any device to increase the business value to clients.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Integration

MuniLogic SE leverages industry leading business analytics, intelligence and reporting platforms such as PowerBI to provide real time information to make informed decisions and to improve operational efficiencies and service deliveries.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Technology is embedded in every products and services. Trillions of devices are already connected to collect and aggregate data from various types of devices to provide insights into every aspect of our world and the life in it. MuniLogic SE’s digital vision and road map includes connecting to IoTs to provide governments valuable information for improving the services and quality of life for their constituents by informed decision making, streamlining operations, smart investments of resources etc.

Social Platform Integration

Social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram have become mainstream for local governments to communicate and engage with their constituents. MuniLogic SE could be integrated with social platforms.

CRM Platform Integration

MUNILOGIC SE integrates with industry leading Client Relationship Management platforms such as dynamic 365 to provide seamless sharing of data between MUNILOGC SE and CRM. We provide consulting services to configure and customize 3rd party CRM platforms including dynamic 365.


Keep an inventory of your entire stormwater infrastructure and manage inspection and maintenance.

Learn More


MuniLogic features a robust reporting engine to provide virtually any report type desired. Custom reports are a part of a typical implementation which are produced by MuniLogic and inserted into the system. All reports include your custom header, so all output is specific to your organization. This helps to reduce printing costs by reducing the reliance on letterhead, carbon, etc.
Learn More

Other platforms and Solutions

MUNILOGIC is fully is intregrated with GIS mapping functionalities leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS platform inkling ArcGIS online. Learn More


Manage the entire subdivision approval process in one place from applications to final approval including reviews by various departments, scheduling of inspections, issuing permits, etc. Learn More


Manage, track, and monitor zoning appeal applications, hearings, and reviews. Learn More

iRisk Management

This enables local government staff and constituents to report any incidents anytime, from anywhere, using any device. This helps local governments to manage all incidents in a centralized manner and reduce the risk exposure. This platform is developed leveraging industry leading CRM platform Dynamic 365 from Microsoft. Learn More


Consolidate property tax, owner, and sales information with infrastructure and image data. This module maintains information on all property, using tax parcel number as the unique identifier for each record. Capture and search by owner/renter information, sales history, and other financial data. Or, search visual data of subdivision plans, sewer and access easements, aerial images, and other data contained within the Mapping module. Learn More

i Permit/ License

This is an innovative and intuitive online digital capability enables local governments to customize and configure the entire permit and license process. This enables constituents to apply and receive permits and licenses from anywhere, anytime using any device. Learn More


MuniLogic makes the billing and collection of real estate and other taxes efficient and effortless. With the Tax Module, you have a tremendous amount of flexibility to produce billing for multiple tax types; from real estate to school taxes. This module will transform the way you produce billing and track the resulting transactions. The benefits will translate into quicker and more accurate deposits, resulting in increased revenue and higher confidence. Learn More


With Esri mapping and reporting solution already including your MuniLogic digital platform investment, the Roadway Module is designed to assist your Public Works department become more efficient and organized. Learn More


Keep an inventory of your entire water infrastructure and manage inspection and maintenance. Learn More


Store, sort, and search documents associated with any MuniLogic module. A check-in/check-out function helps ensure security and version control, while linking and querying capabilities enable users to locate documents by department, asset, date, document type, and more. Learn More


MuniLogic supports calendars, contacts, and tasks – making it easy to integrate day-to-day communications. Learn More


MuniLogic SE enables code violation management processes from investigation to compliance. Create a comprehensive history of all code violations for a better perspective on current challenges and identification of recurring problems. Learn More


Effective engagement with constituents enables local governments to reduce the cost of operations, improve services and ultimately improve the quality of life. i Engagement is a robust and innovative digital platform built leveraging industry leading client relationship platform, dynamics 365 from Microsoft. Learn More


Manage permit and inspection activity including plans, fees, inspection records, and scheduling field staff. Learn More


MuniLogic integrates full calendar functionality for scheduling of events, inspections and other appointments. Learn More

ARCGIS Platform and Solution

MuniLogic SE integrates seamlessly with industry leading GIS platform and solutions from Esri. This enhances the value of MuniLogic SE. Learn More


Issue licenses, monitor and manage renewals, and maintain insurance certificates in one location. Learn More


Keep an inventory of your entire sanitary infrastructure and manage inspection and maintenance. Learn More

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